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When you are in the market of purchasing a home in New Jersey there are lots of things to consider. Besides the most common such as the  amount of bedrooms and bathrooms your home must have, and whether you would opt for a one story or two, there are factors such as location, school system, weather, and access to your favorite activities that  home owners consider before buying a home.

Purchasing a home in the beautiful and well verse “Garden State” of New Jersey with phenomenal architecture and variant landscapes, this underestimated state can really be full of wonder and a charm that you can’t really get anywhere else. Whether city living or the suburban life is more suited to you New Jersey could be one of the best places in the country to make a home purchase. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Education
New Jersey is top 2 in the nation in graduation ratings coming in at 90.9 percent in 2018. The state has been consistently holding the top spot in this category. Just in 2019 New Jersey school system ranked second best according to a WalletHub report.  In the this same report the state ranked third in math, second in reading scores, and first in overall quality. Some of the most prestigious schools include private high school Lawrenceville and Academy for Information Technology located in Scotch Plains. This state is also home to many elite Universities such as Princeton, Seton Hall, New Jersey Institute of Technology(NJIT), and Rutgers just to name a few. So if education is something high on your priority list New Jersey checks that off without a doubt.

2. Weather
If you are someone who enjoys being able to experience all four seasons then New Jersey is your kind of place. In this beautiful state the weather is ever changing. You get both your snowy cold winters as well as your steamy hot summer and everything in between. This is great home for those who enjoy change and get tired of the same climate year round. Here you will experience cool falls, cold winters, warm springs, and summers. In this Garden State you can get use out of both your bikini, sunglasses, and open toed shoes as well your winter boots, skis, hats, scarfs and ice skates. The very distinct season changes make this place a very versatile home.

3. Things to do
The seasonal weather alone gives you many options of things to do. Both Spring and  Summer bring beach time, roof tops, bbqs, parks, and lots of outdoor fun. While Fall and Winter may provide things like hayrides, pumpkin picking, bon fires, camping, snowboarding, ice skating, building snow men and more. Places such as Six Flags, Dorney Park, Sesame Place, and the “City that Never Sleeps” New York City are all just a hop, skip, and a jump away. There is something here for everyone. So if you feel as though you want to go somewhere other than the gorgeous New Jersey, you can hop in your car and head down to Pennsylvania for a famous cheesesteak or catch a train to New York where the options are endless. Either way you will have an incredible time and I guarantee you will be anything but bored in this lively state.

4. Location Location Location
This state no matter where you are located provides easy access to big cities. While New Jersey is filled with many small and quaint towns, a large and lively city is guaranteed not to be too far away. This is great for buyers who don’t quite want the life on a day to day basis but would like to get out and enjoy it whenever they get the itch. You can take a day trip to Boston, Washington, DC, or a weekend getaway to Philadelphia, or the world renowned New York City and so much more. The advantages of being able to pack up and head to a such a historical  and culturally diverse city such as New York within hours is priceless. For most quite the dream! So whether for pleasure or business, there is alway convenience to a main highway and if you’d prefer a more relaxing way of travel then public transportation is at the ready. Catching a flight? Options for that are also endless there is Newark International Airport, Trenton, La Guardia, JFK, and Philadelphia are all easily accessible!

5. Job Opportunities
Having the security of a job is of utmost importance especially if you’re in the market of buying a new home. Buyers need to know that when they purchase a home they can maintain a job or worst case find a new job to finance their mortgage and their lifestyle. In the great state of New Jersey jobs are abundant. Major companies located in the state include Johnson & Johnson, Quest Diagnostics, Met Life Insurance, Bristol-Myers Squibb, AT&T, Verizon, and Citigroup just to name a few. 4.5 million people are employed in New Jersey! It may not be the biggest state but it holds big opportunities for your career and growth here. Looking to start your dream business? This is the place to do it, there will be no shortage of client potential in this state! So whether you decide to brave the trail of entrepreneurship, or dig your heels in with a major company New Jersey has both the clientele and companies for you to be a success anywhere.

Ready to pack your bags and create a life full of diversity where so much history and cultural can be found around every corner. Contact China Spann a realtor with Weichert Realtors today. Her expertise and experience will guide you on your search of finding your dream home, in the very distinct, highly ranked, and enchanting state of New Jersey.

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